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mr. cruz  is a Chilean-born award winning musician and composer writer who has performed, taught and recorded music since the age of fourteen.  In addition, he has created, participated and consulted in multimedia productions involving theater, dance and visual arts and film.  He is the leader of the latino fusion jazz trio Quijerema. He has composed 5 albums with  Quijeremá, their latest: El Viaje / The Journey. (

he received the prestigious Oshita Composer Fellowship from the Djerassi Foundation (2002), won the National Endowment for the Arts fellow, composing a 45 minute suite used as the soundtrack for a documentary film, “Archeology of Memory: Villa Grimaldi” co-directed by him with Oscar Nominee Marylyn Mulford. In 2012 was warded the Fulbright Fellowship.

he composed the score called “Tinta Verde”, for the documentary film Pablo Neruda, A Poets Call (Quijerema 2004)   He collaborated  with  film Emmy Winer composer Mark Adler on the documentary The Fall of Fujimori (2005 Sundance).  He is the composer for the new feature film “Lights in the Night  by noted Chilean filmmaker Cristian Galaz.

he has also been hired as a musical consultant for theater and also has recorded music for TV—America’s Cup (CBS) under the musical direction of Mickey Hart and films—Vibes (Columbia Pictures) under the musical direction of James Horner.  He worked  with Mark Adler on the Documentary film Chicano Park, directed by Oscar Nominee Marylyn Mulford.

he acted as the producer of the Grupo Raíz albums: Un Solo Camino (Raíz,1980), Amaneceres (Monitor,1982) and Por America del Centro (Monitor, 1983). As well, he was the co-producer of the album  Grupo  Raíz  Anthology under the Alerce label in Chile (1985).

besides performing Latin American folk music, Cruz has joined on stage: Jackson Browne,  Mimi Fariña,  Pete Seeger, Jorge  Strunz, and Sting, among others.

this stage collaboration has resulted in his participation on LPs with Jackson Browne on Lives in the Balance (Electra Asylum, 1985); Strunz & Farah on Guitarras (Fantasy, 1985); William Ackerman on Conferring with the Moon (Windham Hill Records, 1986); Pete Sears on Watchfire (Redwood, 1988); Kenny Loggins on Leap of Faith. (Columbia Records, 1992); and Alex de Grassi on The World’s Getting Loud (Windham Hill Records, 1993). His latest recordings are 9 original compositions on Tatamonk (Tropo Records, 2000) with Alex de Grassi and 7 original compositions on Amistades (Wariznake, 2000) with Rafael Manriquez.

cruz has combined his musical career with academic pursuits.  As a history major at the University of California at Berkeley, he was awarded the President’s Undergraduate Fellowship.  He was selected for Phi Beta Kappa and he graduated summa cum laude.  He earned a Master’s degree in Latin American Studies from Stanford University. He was a Social Science Research Council Fellow in 1999, working on issues of memory, violence and exile. In 2001, he had a fellowship from the Ford Foundation to do research, interviews and write on issues of aesthetics and political violence.